Company Events


Company events are more fun when they’re held in a setting such as Santena Castle. The halls of the painstakingly restored Stables’s Court can welcome up to 260 guests, who will also be able to enjoy inside the Castle an environment full of works of art, ancient furniture and other mementos that belonged to Cavour.

The Diplomatic Room

The Diplomatic Room leads to a splendid 18th century balcony facing onto almost 40 acres of magnificent English Gardens.

Our Team

Our team will be available to answer questions and satisfy
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Team building activities are extremely useful both for small companies where everybody knows each other, and for large companies where often entire departments never meet each other. Activities to promote communication and professional exchange activities aimed at enhancing company performance may be organized in Santena Castle. Our coaches can organize and lead customized sessions: team building activities, courses, training and motivational workshops.


Are you launching a new product? Are you looking for the perfect location for a gala event, a conference, or a company awards ceremony? Santena Castle will leave everyone with indelible memories. Your customers will remember the unique experience your company gave them, forever. Our team will work with you to create an event to satisfy and support your brand identity. Which will remain indelible.

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